Ey, you! Focus! Stick to the plan!

Help this little dog reach the goal with the looong stick he has just found.


Movement - WASD

Rotate - QE

Pick/drop stick - Spacebar

Restart level - R


Rocket RawNaburo

Art, modeling, animations & game/level design



Paco Diago

Music & SFX

Created for the Thinky games are for everyone jam

PS: currently there are 15 levels. We keep working on new puzzles and mechanics! Any feedback is welcome.

PS2: if you want clouds play the downloadable version. We are still trying to figure out how to make them work in webgl.

Updated 8 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(56 total ratings)
AuthorsDead Pixel Games, Rocket Raw, Naburo, Delunado, PacoDiago
Made withUnity, Blender
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Cute, Dogs, Family Friendly, Indie, Relaxing, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Playstation controller


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Had a fun time with it. And it's cute so ++

Tremenda Obra Maestra 20/10 y Dios

Very cute!

I had to restart a level a few times because of unintentional moves due to input buffering. The moves felt a bit slow and that's probably why I was pressing buttons more than once.

The feedback on blocked moves is good! I like the sound the stick makes.

The cloud shadows are a really nice touch!

Simple and very pleasant

Cute and fun!

I am shamed to say i was stuck in the fourth level.....XD 

This is really fun, good job!

A simple, well crafted game with an original mechanic and creative level design that puts it to good use.

I loved the experience. Congratulations!

Edge Magazine brought me here. Overall I thought it was pretty sweet, the only thing being was that it took me a few seconds to realize that I needed to hold down R in order to restart the level instead of just pressing it. Level 14 was definitely the toughest for me.

Thank you very much! We’re working on a new version and this feedback is appreciated :)

Can I ask where did you found the game? What Edge Magazine do you mean? :O

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Yeah, so it's the March issue of Edge Magazine on page 20. I believe it's a British gaming magazine, though I read it digitally from the United States.

Good work! One thing I really wanted was an "undo" button tied to the 'z' key. Solid puzzle work.

cute concept but there are a few bugs, like sometimes you can rotate a stick through trees and rocks and completely skip the puzzle aspect. I feel like this game would work a bit better in 2D pixel art because the 3D models sometimes don't block the sticks.

Cute doggo :)

I've played all the levels so far, such a cute premise for a fun little puzzle game! As you continue to work on it, I'd love to see a little more animation to the cute little dog, especially as it walks and moves. It seems a little static and stiff at the moment. I'd also love to see other types of obstacles and challenges be introduced to the levels. Would love to play more when it comes out!


Cute concept, if you've ever seen a dog with a long stick you immediately know what to expect :D I had a great time playing, but since you asked I will write some improvements I would like to see: 
- the movement and especially picking up and dropping the stick could be faster/smoother. The wait for the animation to finish breaks the flow of the game a little. Maybe just some input queueing would help.
- When holding a stick, the dog understandably constantly faces one direction, it's probably obvious, but without the stick, it should look where it's going :D
- The levels quickly went from 'easy' to 'complicated layout but still easy'. I would love to see puzzles that have a small footprint but require a lot of maneuvering.
- An undo button!

cool little game, but music and sound was static aNd stopping and starting, but great game idea

Hi, Trockk! Thanks for commenting. Were you playing on Web version or Windows version? Thanks :)


In the web version (in google chrome), when you scroll down to the comment section, the music starts stuttering. It only stops when you scroll back up. 

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is it just me or is it laggy and is there no audio? the audio just went away and it is way too laggy, even tried it on multiple devices and it is still laggy and has no audio, am i doing something wrong or is it supposed to be this way? and a lot of times collision just isn't a thing.

also, i turned and the game crashed here, VERY high pitched and annoying sound

Hi! Thanks for the feedback. One of the devs here :)

This happens in Windows version or Web version? Could you tell us the specs of your computer? that would help us a lot. Thanks!!

it is probably just the old weird stuff, maybe a low detail mode could be accessible in the main menu to make it run smoother for slower computers or something it is running at the latest version so i don't know.


mine is also quite laggy in audio and movement. I think it's because i am playing the web version. it still works but the movement has just been very slow and the music plays jaggedly like a broken radio. could still see how lovely the graphics look though!

(2 edits) (+2)

Very cool game, the graphics and music are top notch. The first tutorial levels are good, but imho even the last puzzles are still a bit too easy, could use some more game mechanics maybe, like button to make new bridge appear, maybe a movable floating platform (a canoe?), a trampoline to skip one tile, push crates, removable obstacles? idk

Also, just a level nr in top left corner doesn't mean a lot, players don't know if there are 15, 25, 50 or 100 levels. This type of game could use a level select screen, so the player knows how many levels there are.

I just completed the game, it's great!

Only feedback I would give is to add Z to undo a move as it's expected now in Sokoban-like games, and make the stick picking/dropping quicker (or instantaneous). There could be an animation, but I think the animation should be quick and not block the player's movement if they want to move right away. I often found myself feeling like I was stuck in place when trying to move after picking the stick, or moving twice as soon as the picking animation was completed if I had clicked again thinking it didn't register the first time.

Oh, and one other thing, I think it would be super cute if the dog started walking in the direction of movement when not carrying a stick, and turn towards the stick when it picks it up. It would have to be tested to make sure it's not confusing since the dog isn't turning when holding a stick, but I think it would help give it more personnality!

Other than that, I loved it! I can't wait to see where it goes in future updates!

Also, not sure how easy it is to add for a browser game made in Unity, but it would be great if it had controller support to make it more accessible!

I'm not sure how the stick rotation rules are supposed to work, but this seems like a bug — you can often rotate through objects that are supposed to block the stick, with the blocking only taking effect when you rotate back the way you came:


Hi! Thank you for report it! That shouldn't happen, we hadn't seen this bug before. Maybe a fps drop caused the failure/bug on the collision. We're working on it! Thank you again :)

Ah, I had been finding the web version very stuttery, so probably something along those lines!

for me the game crashes if i move too fast

Really nice!

Hoping for it to become a full game with lotsof puzzles. :)

Love it!! Really adorable and a little tricky but lots of potential.